random story I wrote out in my sketchbook lol
Gul: What..? Lukas: Hey.. Lukas: Are you ok?
Lukas: I think you look good today.. Gul: Oh.. *gul says this in a very lackluster way*
Gul: I'm driving Lukas; You never want to talk about it Lukas: I'm just trying to help you.. Lukas: I mean! just talk to me !
Gul: Yeah I'm fine. Just work stuff Lukas: Ok.. what is it about work..? Gul: Look I don't want to talk about it *said in an angsty way*
shot reveals that Gul grabbed Lukas's shoulder somewhat threatenly Lukas is breathing a bit heavy.
Gul: Maybe I dont want to fucking talk! Ok!???! Lukas is very startled. He hasn't seen Gul like this very often and it scares him.
Gul: I'm sorry Gul gets up and out of the car Gul: I'm sorry
*fade in sound of dinner* *gul twirls soup*
*gul pours lukas' bowl* Gul: Smells great mom Lukas: yeah I'm unemplyed just still.. looking for a job