"I regret nothing"

Gul was honest, He really didn't regret his actions very much. He really wanted to fucking yell at Jackson at work and now he finally did. But in some sort of weird way he was starting to think Jackson wanted it to happen.  Something was sinister in Jackson. Gul had recently been catching him staring or glancing at him when he wasn't talking excessively about something Gul had zero interest in.

Now Gul's retaliation had landed him in front of his boss, Marlene.

Her lips were painted a pale peach today. No matter how she looked. Gul despised her fake persona she masked every day through her makeup. Even if she never did anything technically wrong.

Instead it was the way she treated problems

'Ok it's fine's' and 'Who cares' that bothered Gul.

Her long shiny pink nails echoed her unconcerned mind.


"Gul you know this is supposed to be a family friendly place."

Gul didn't respond. Slightly shifting his eyes away from Marlene.

"I know you're smart and a great employee but you have to control your emotions around your peers." A smile Gul could tell was practiced stretched across her face


He would of if the aquarium wasn't so complacent on issues. Or the lack of initiative after even telling his boss about Jackson.


"I'm sorry"

Marlene smilied and continued typing on her phone.



Gul walked out of her office and turned to find Jackson leaning on a wall.

Gul gave little attention and walked towards the entrance where Lukas was waiting. Jackson peered down towards them as they walked out. Staring and observing at the way the two of them walked. Lukas walked in a very passive almost timid way. Waiting for Gul to walk before him. His legs at times stopping if he walked in front so Gul could catch up. Gul on the other hand walked with a bit of power Gul often never realizes he has.


Jackson fucking hated him and the fact he took all his thunder during work.

How could Lukas let him stomp all over him like that?

Lukas seemed weak and pathetic.