Kristlen Paine

  • age: 25
  • gender: female
  • personality: very quiet yet funny. very smart as well and likes technology and tinkering with parts a lot.



  • lives in denver, colorado with pomona
  • deals with migranes and schizophrenia
  • relates to clara and lukas a lot.
  • used to work with niles at a phone repair service.
  • she and clara spent a lot of time alone with lukas and gul when they visit and helps clara relax when kristlen is there helping her.
  • loves polar bears!!
  • very smart

A way for Kristlen to relax and as a hobby, she loves technology and tinkering with parts. Old tech interests her as well as old internet aesthetics. She can be distant and very vauge at first but she can't really help this. It's just who she is.


She does live with Pomona and has a relationship with her :))