Lukas Petrov

  • age: 26
  • gender: male
  • personality: sensitive, can be alone for a long time and not know how much it affects him

Lukas is one of my first  and major main characters...!

Lukas is a genuinely sensitive kind soul. Plauged with self doubt, Lukas has a host of issues. Self harm and anxiety to name a few. Sometimes sleeping when he's bored, Lukas is often in his head a lot, some what on edge about a new experience but other than that Lukas is mostly like anyone else. Life for Lukas is very surreal.

His lover, Gul and him are deeply connected to each other.

Gul helped him with his self harm habits and even got a dog (named Sadie) and trained it to be a service animal for Lukas..!

 At times these issues are emotionally exhausting and it genuinely sucks. This is something that even Lukas can admit.

Everyday Lukas wakes up next to Gul feeling extremely lucky to be in the situation he's in. He wants to stay in his presence under the bed sheets and simply fall away into a surreal dream land where the feeling of love is all he needs to exist. Maybe one day the two of them will finally be alone. Away from society to succumb to the toxicity of love and apanthropinization.

a drawing of Lukas and Gul in bed ...!