I'm a Maladaptive Daydreamer.

This this is a disorder that often leaves people constantly lost in their daydreams as a way to cope with extreme stresses in their lives.

Most of the time this can stem from childhood trauma but this is not always the case. As many people who have this often have normal daydreams from childhood that turn into MaDD during adulthood. Especially during school related stress.


In my case I've always daydreamt of scenarios as a kid and when i got older this sort of nearly stopped until i went into 7th grade going into high school.

I had made OCs (my paras now) that were simple characters but as a way to cope with stress I started to heavily daydream of them, and slowly they became more and more real like living people.

Its really hard trying to explain this to people but its sort of like they live their own lives and sometimes they can vaugely interact with them too? I don't really interact with mine too much. but sometimes i do!


Another common thing that I myself often do in times of high stress or dissociative bouts is that I will often act like my paras. Im fully aware of this and I dont experience amnesia like those with DID but in a way its sort of like I become the person to the side while I try to act like my para since I dont feel real.


Some of us also like buying things that we know our paras would like, or remind us of our paras! i have multiple times seen things my paras want ;_; but at last i must hold back....


the main point is that MaDD is a disorder can be a huge toll on some peoples lives. some pace in their rooms to daydream and some people just have to relax and sit in bed. we also might talk to ourselves or act out our daydreams There's a big spectrum of people's MaDD experiences!


For example people with MaDD have what are often called as Paracosms. world in which our paras live in and carry out all of their adventure or arrands etc. Some people have huge fantasy world paracosms and other have very super normal paracosms that take place in the real world. Such as me!


Some people also have a lot of paras and some have a few. Im one of those with only a few :)) Some paras are often borrowed from other existing media as well for some people.


MaDD also needs to be studied more as its often not in the limelight and needs further research!