name: madison

Birth??:2/2/2002 (yes its real lolllll)

location: ohio but wants to be in Greenland

favorite gogo squeez flavor: TROPICAL BRUST FROM THE BLASTZ line!!


maladaptive daydreamer, this formed from extreme stress from school and heavily involves my ocs/characters. they're practically deep parts of me, so if for whatever reason you're trying to kin as them or some shit, please DONT..... People in the MaDD often refer to their OCs as their paras since OC often didnt feel approriate to use!


Lukas and Gul are my main paras!




Neutrois n intersex if ya care

i loves my paras and characters a lot!!

i love really weird cluttered things n shit





I like lots of weird stuff in general. I love obscure media and true crime. Things like FF7 house really interest me and honestly I'm not sure why. I love really weird images as well.


I dont fucking interact in the tcc community on tumblr that much cause uh tbh its fucking trash as hell. Mind you theres great blogs I follow that cover any and all interesting cases or blogs focused on reserch into a perticular event etc etc, but other than that.. i dont like most of it....... :/

But feel free to hit me up about  anything.!! I particularly am interested in weird terrorist cases, cults, etc etc like ISIS cause it just fascinates me that people get into these crazy things even if they're sane people.