"ok i know it keeps happening but it's not like im despressed ok??? so please, jsut like.. it's a thing I do and i dont know why yet ok"


Gul continues to stare back at lukas

"Come on."

Gul's a bit commanding now, still gentle though.

He's a bit close to Lukas and Lukas finally realizes after being out of it for so long that this is probably the closest he's been to anyone in a year. Lukas could practically smell Gul and the faintest scent of cigarettes. it was surreal. like a dream. Lukas' body quivered in the suddenly feeling of touch. in a weird sick sort of way without being aware of it, Lukas was smiling despite his crying.


now warmth was wrapped all around him and Lukas could finally relax into Gul's arms.


"You're ok." A deep breath resonated from Gul.

lukas laughed and couldn't help but sticking to Gul.

Gul on the other end seemed a bit concerned

"I'm just so happy you know?"

"Mhm. Me too."