• age: 24
  • gender: female
  • personality: annoyingly giddy,likes competition

Born where some might call nowhere (AKA Columbus, Ohio) Xanthe Root is a determined gal. Maybe a bit too determined. Stubborn and mean, Xanthe Root runs a flea market stand with her friend, Diane, right across from Nicholas and Jamie. She's very scene or maybe scenecore is a better term?? and loves Vocaloid much like Diane.

Their stand specializes in japanese imports such as food, candy, weeb shit or just other weird curiosities you could only find in Japan.

To deal with her constant rivalry, Xanthe will often resort to getting into fights with Jamie and will constantly try buying things away from him during auctions.

Despite all of this Xanthe is actually a p damn smart cookie. She knows her business well and how to manage her store, even if it comes with a cost......